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Changing Tide

The inspiration for “Changing Tide” grows out of the wetlands that once occupied this area. The forms and title allude to the changing Richmond shoreline, from marshland with eelgrass and oyster beds to modern entertainment venue and ferry hub. The tall blades bend slightly in the wind and the sun charges their solar panels and batteries. At night, the sculpture is lit with 20,000 LED lights that chart the height of the adjacent tides in color and motion.

Fundraising is underway to add light shows, motion sensors, sound speakers and open-ended wifi connection for creative participation between the art and community.

All donations are tax deductible. Donations over $1,000 will be permanently credited as contributors on the website. Make checks out to "Gateway Foundation: for Changing Tide" ℅ Margi Cellucci, 1400 Pinnacle Court #101, Richmond, CA 94801


7 "Eelgrass" with solar powered light show


1453 Harbor Way S., Richmond, CA



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